Corey Purcell

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I have been developing software professionally since 2000. My passion is solving real problems using technology and software. I strive to continually improve and write quality software, while always delivering value. I have been using Ruby and Rails professionally since 2007, Rails version 1.2.


  • Hello Labs Remote
    Lead Software Developer 2015-present
    • Leading development of a new product
    • Lead operations team using AWS tools like Codedeploy and Cloudformation
    • Helping the team develop new processes for producing better software
    • Guiding the team to make good architectural choices
    • Helping institute a culture of strong code review
  • LivingSocial Remote
    Sr. Software Engineer 2014-2015
    • Member of Core Services and Architecture Team
    • Developed internal gem for implementing Circuit Breakers in SOA environment
    • Developed internal gem for controlling feature switches and runtime configurations
  • TeamSnap Remote
    Sr. Software Developer 2013-2014
    • Lead extraction of multiple services to evolve to an SOA
    • Lead development of API modifications to support partner access.
    • Lead development of a service to independently scale iCal generation, over 50% of our server time.
    • Identified areas of significant Garbage Collection thrashing.
    • Lead development and transition from Ruby REE (1.8.7) to Ruby 1.9.3
  • Penn United Technologies Cabot, PA
    Sr. Automation Engineer 2006-2013
    • Developed a new program for printing acid etching stencils using D3.js and Rails to produce SVG based graphs and lettering
    • Developed a new application for handling complex inspections of assemblies and parts using Rails and Prawn for printing the final reports for shipping
    • Developed a Rails application to replace a labor intensive and error prone precious metal tracking system
    • Developed a reporting Rails application for displaying live metrics on large Kanban boards throughout manufacturing
    • Developed a gem for interfacing with our internal ERP system
    • Developed a scheduling system using Rails to schedule over 30% of our business
    • Developed an Intranet using the Expression Engine CMS
    • Developed a new system for tracking maintenance using ASP.NET and C#
  • Belcan Engineering Cincinnati, OH
    Controls Engineer Contracted to GE Aircraft Engines 2005-2006
    • Developed software to support the Engine Testing Group
    • Identified a hardware critical path at risk for runaway engine failure
    • Maintained software specifications and wrote failure analysis reports
  • Penn United Technologies and AK Steel
    Automation Engineer Intern 2000-2004


  • Software Development

    I develop and maintain many Ruby on Rails applications.

  • Software Architecture

    I've worked on very large and small application architectures from monolithic apps to SOA

  • Devops

    Every team needs reliable methods and I've been apart of the teams to help build solid platforms for deploying to Rackspace and AWS infrastructures.

Open Source

  • Conduit Gems

    Gems that use the adapter pattern to communicate to mobile phone carriers

  • Capihall

    A gem for sending capistrano deployment notifications to Hall chatrooms.

  • Former Main St. Mission Maintainer

    Working with the Mission to develop an application to manage volunteers, inventory, and food distribution at the Mission's food pantry. This will include local interfaces for the electronic scales.

  • Former Hackety Hack Contributor

    Developed the interface between the application and website, using REST and HATEOAS principles. Contributed patches and upgrades to the HacketyHack website.


  • Steel City Ruby Conference

    organizing committee member and videographer

  • Pittsburgh Ruby User Group

    speaker and videographer


  • Kettering University Flint, MI

    Computer Engineering - 92 WAG (100 Point Scale) - Cum Laude Graduate

  • Ruby Mendicant University — Core Skills Class


  • Hockey
  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Video